Main WP still conflicting with Elementor even when using 2.9.2

I saw someone post about mainWP having a conflict with Elementor 2.9 and then resolving itself with 2.9.1.

I have been having the same issue, but unfortunately, it hasn’t resolved itself despite having updated to the latest 2.9.2

I am not sure what is causing the conflict, but is happening on all my sites I use Elementor on.

is it just me or is any one else having these issue?

Hi Paul, can you please confirm that you are using the lates MainWP Child plugin (

Hi there Bogdan,

thanks for your reply, and I can confirm i am using the latest MainWP Child Plugin as shown in the screenshot.

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Thanks Paul. Can you get me exact steps how I can duplicate the problem?

I would like to duplicate the problem and see if this problem comes from the Elementor plugin or MainWP Child. It seams weird that issues appeared with version 2.9 than fixed in 2.9.1 and hepens again in 2.9.2. It’s like the Elementor plugin is one that causes the problem but I want to be sure.

Hi Bogdan,

The problem was occurring when i was trying to edit or create a new page in Elementor, with the MainWP plugin enabled, I found that the Elementor page editor wouldn’t open an existing page automatically as it would normally unless I opened it in “safe mode”

I was recording a video to show you exactly what the problem was when the plugin was activated versus when it wasn’t activated.

The funny thing is that after i recorded the video, just and before i was about to send it to you, I re-enabled the mainWP plugin again and found that I could edit in elementor again, so it seems to have corrected itself, I just have to disable it and re enable it to get it to work as expected!

Very strange, but nevertheless, it seems to be working ok now, so sorry trouble you

Thank you for getting back to me regarding this matter


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