MainWP 4.1 discussion

Hello everybody,

I just read the topic on the new realase of MainWP 4.1 and looks amazing!
Direct link to the announcement

@dennis - where can we download the BETA plugins? In your email you mentioned that you are looking for beta testers but in the topic, there is no links for the download or I missed it… Thanks.

Can’t wait to test the monitoring function! I hope it is more reliable than UptimeRobot.

Thanks all and keep up the good work.

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Hi Fred, beta version download is still not available. It will be available on Tuesday, July 28th 2020


Thanks @bogdan - I was too fast… Well we will have to wait few more days. :wink:
Is this version fixing the report scheduling issue?

Advanced Uptime Monitor is going to updated shortly to allow other companies then UptimeRobot to do your more advanced types of site monitoring.


4.1 contains various improvements, including some improvements with cron jobs, but this doesn’t include any updates to reporting extensions. Extensions are being maintained separately and there will be some updates right after the 4.1 beta release.


Great! Do you already have a list of companies that are interested?

we’re currently looking at integrating the API’s from


Thanks @dennis - very interested in NodePing - we are testing it right now…

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@wpexpert I removed the solved (though I do appreciate it being used) but that would close this thread tomorrow and I want it to stay open for a bit for basic questions.

oh! no problem. I didn’t remember that when you put a solution, it will close the topic… Good to know. And yes, more comments will be nice. :wink:


@dennis - I did more testing with NodePing and you need to setup 2 monitors to get the HTTPS and SSL monitoring compared to UptimeRobot doing both in one monitor… Is your solution is also going to check the SSL certificate? Send a notification 30 days before expiring? Thanks

What would be nice is an interface to make integration with various services work easily. Basically, all these providers enable you to track something that give a status back. If we could integrate the tracking of uptime, errors, other statuses… that would make your product a lot better in my opinion.

This code rewrite is really welcomed. The product is good but code is far from being easy to extend because of the way it was built.

The functions API could make extending MainWP a lot more powerful. Getting a list of websites in an extendable table should be an easy task. Many of your plugins don’t use the same way of getting sites that is used in the main plugin.

The reports (Pro and HTML) should have the UX/UI rethink too. It’s too easy to send all reports by pressing when you wanted, instead, to search within your sites list. Not sending reports that created an error is a must. Knowing what was sent and when would be great.

All this to say that a code rewrite is great thing… but it is not only about recoding, it should be also about revisiting the UI to fix all these small things that make management difficult at some point.

Please see all this as a positive and constructive review. We want to continue using the product and want it to be better!

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I am really looking forward to this!! Thanks for your effort.

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I’m looking forward to testing this, and very pleased to see the developer focus. Can’t wait to download and try it out.

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