MainWP 4.3.1 Beta - PHP 8.1 Compatibility

PHP 8.1 Compatibility Testing

The MainWP team has tested this update thoroughly on internal development servers and confirmed that the version works properly on PHP 8.1, however, it’s impossible to test every configuration. That is why I am asking if you could install the Dashboard and Child plugins on some of your test sites and let us know if you find any issues.



New Testing Environment

This update should be stable and not cause any significant issues; however, we do recommend you set up some dedicated testing sites or sub-domains until you have verified everything works on your server setup.

If you are setting up a new testing environment, all you need to do is download and install the Dashboard and Child Plugin as usual.

Existing Sites

If you decide that you want to run the Beta on your existing live environment, follow these instructions:

Upgrade Dashboard Plugin

  • Download the MainWP Dashboard ZIP from above
  • On your MainWP Dashboard site, deactivate and delete the version that you are currently using
  • Install the new (beta) Dashboard plugin
  • Activate the plugin

Upgrade Child Plugin

  • Download the MainWP Child ZIP from above
  • Then get to your MainWP Dashboard
  • Go to the Plugins > Install > Upload page
  • Select the sites you want to upload it to
  • Upload the Child Plugin you downloaded earlier
  • Be sure BOTH “Activate after installation ” and “Overwrite existing” are selected
  • Press the button to complete the process

That will install this version on your child sites for you.

RELEASE FOCUS - PHP 8.1 Compatibility

PHP 8.1 is a relatively new PHP version released in November 2021. This version comes with new features, performance improvements, and changes that will open more opportunities for PHP developers to work efficiently and more creatively.

After numerous tests and adjusting our code-base, this BETA version of the MainWP Dashboard and Child plugin is now compatible with the PHP 8.1.

If you are using PHP 8.1 on your web hosting server to run MainWP Dashboard and/or Child sites, we would appreciate it if you can test and help us to make it compatible for different environments.

While testing this update, please remember that WordPress Core is still not fully compatible with PHP 8.1. As per the WP team Dev notes, as of WP 5.9, WordPress Core is “beta compatible” with PHP 8.1, which means that some PHP Deprecation notices may appear on your setup, but those should not cause any functionality problems.

START DATE: December 6th, 2021



For reporting MainWP beta issues, we created a separate subcategory under the Support section. To report problems, please go to the Beta Category and post as many as possible details about the problem you have found.