MainWP Child plugin is activated but not connected

Have tried different themes, but this issue does not change - so it does not seem to be theme related. I have also deactivated each individual plugin, the only time the notice went away was when I disabled the MainWP Child Plugin. I have already reloaded and updated this MainWP Child Plugin several times, so I don’t think it’s the version. Any ideas what else I could try?
I’ve downloaded the error log but there’s no option to post this here.
We currently have issues with the www. version of my site going nowhere - but this shouldn’t be connected, right?

Hey @DIYweb

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When a Child plugin is active but the site is not added to a MainWP Dashboard, then this message is displayed.

  1. Is this currently added to a Dashboard, or attempted to be added?

  2. Can you please post the community system report from your MainWP Dashboard for review? The report is located in your Dashboard under Info → Server, on the top right of the page.

Be sure to use the button like the one below; this button hides all your private information:


Pressing the button auto-copies the report to your clipboard then just paste it in a reply here.