"MainWP Child plugin not detected" error


Just moved my 400 sites to new servers and now 50 out of the 300 sites is disconnected and giving the “MainWP Child plugin not detected” error, even though the plugin is installed. I tried to delete and install the plugin again, but did not work.

How do I fix it?

You might need to wait for a few hours until the DNS changes have been propagated.

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Thanks, Jos.
But the sites were moved friday, so DNS should be good today, monday? (-:

Yes, I would hope so… Were they on the same server as your MainWP Dashboard before? Sometimes it takes a little longer, if the sites haven’t been deleted there. Or was it a different server?

Is there any relation or similarity between the 50 sites that have this issue?

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The sites are not on the same server as my MainWP dashboard - and was not before, wither. (-:
The sites are hosted at hostinger.com and just transfered to new servervs there.
No similarity for the 50 sites no, i dont think.

Hi Jonas, can you tell us what response do you get from the Test Connection feature? Also, please contact your Dashboard site host support and have them flush the DNS cache.

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