MainWP Child Report with Security Information


I’m using MainWP Pro Reports and setup MainWP Child Report in my child site. But I’d like to show security overview in the child report, is it possible?

The security information I means is the information shows in the site dashboard (see attached below).

Or does it only to install the security extensions like Sucuri or Wordfence? Then can show security in the reports.

Do you have suggestion?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi @sandysaille

The data from that page cannot currently be inserted into Pro Reports.

Correct. The data from these two extensions can be inserted into the reports.
After you install Sucuri extension, you will be able to turn on Security section in the reports as shown here:

And the data for Wordfence must be inserted using tokens. You can find a list of all available tokens here: Available Pro Reports Tokens - MainWP Documentation
And more information about Pro Reports and the usage of tokens can be found here: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

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Thank you so much @bojan I’ll try to use Sucuri extension!

Hi @bojan,

I’ve installed and activated Sucuri extension in my MainWP dashboard, the report settings can show option to shoew/hide the security information.

But the security information just show only scanned result, like this screenshot belw.

How we can pull security information for full details when scan site with Sucuri extension? The information I means like this:

Is it possible to do? Please help advise.


It is not currently possible to insert all the data from that Sucuri Report in the Pro Reports.

Currently, in the Security section of the report, each individual scan is represented in one line which contains the Date, Status and Webtrust Status of a scanned site.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about expanding the security data in Pro Reports on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

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