Mainwp child reports error on Bedrock setup only with php8.1

Only on Bedrock structured sites I get a E_ERROR on mainwp child reports plugin and using php 8.1.
When trying to edit a widget, saving works fine, but deleting the widget results in an fatal error of wp-admin-ajax.

Tested this under php 7.4 and there is no problem. Also switched of all other plugins and default wp theme,m but under php 8.1 when deleting a widget always this error. Hope you can help.

WordPress version 6.1.1
Current plugin: MainWP Child Reports (version 2.0.8)
PHP version 8.1.12

Error details

An error of type E_ERROR on line number 303 of the file /home/hiddendomain/domains/ Foutmelding: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: array_merge() does not accept unknown named parameters in /home/hiddendomain/domains/
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: array_merge()
#1 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ call_user_func_array()
#2 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ WP_MainWP_Stream\Connector_Widgets->handle_widget_removal()
#3 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ WP_MainWP_Stream\Connector_Widgets->handle_sidebars_widgets_changes()
#4 [internal function]: WP_MainWP_Stream\Connector_Widgets->callback_update_option_sidebars_widgets()
#5 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ call_user_func_array()
#6 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ WP_MainWP_Stream\Connector->callback()
#7 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ WP_Hook->apply_filters()
#8 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ WP_Hook->do_action()
#9 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ do_action()
#10 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ update_option()
#11 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ wp_set_sidebars_widgets()
#12 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ retrieve_widgets()
#13 /home/hiddendomain/domains/ require(‘/home/hiddendo…’)
#14 {main}

Hey @mwp-haha-hrbrt-com

Thank you for reaching out and reporting this.

Can you please try the Child Reports version from this link and see if it resolves the issue: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

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Great! Thats seems to be working fine now with this version.

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