MainWP Child Settings wont load - 404

Hello all:

We have previously used MainWP Child on one of our websites with no issues. The site url used to be:

The client updated their website domain to something new and now after we re-add the MainWP Child plugin and activate it, we cannot access the ‘settings’ on Main WP Child.

When we click on MainWP Child>Settings the progress bar just spins until it returns a page not found 404 error.

Could this be a result of fragments from the old plugin on the old domain?

Not sure how to access the settings now. Help!

Thanks in advance,

Hi @bigfootweblabs, does it help if you deactivate all other plugins on the site? I would like us to check if this is caused by some plugin conflict?

HI @bogdan

Thanks for the reply. We’ve deactivated all the plugins except MainWP Child however the problem persists where we cannot access the settings of MainWP Child, it just gives a 404.

Thanks for your help, Jeff

Hi Jeff, thanks for the update.

Can you send me temporary access to the child site via Private message so I can check this?

@bogdan sent you login details via pvt message. Thank you!

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