MainWP child timeout


Paying for pro is not a point- I’m wondering if it’s possible with pro or for free.

I was wondering- is it possible to create pages (not posts) on all child websites that all have the same
permalink easily through the dashboard?

That aside, is it possible to bulk edit posts (edit the content of 5 of the same posts on different child websites at the same time, and push the changes with a single button).

Thanks in advance,

Hi Rody,

When creating a page, in MainWP > Pages > Add New, you have an option to set custom slug for the page. However, in order to have the same permalink on your sites, you would need to have matching parmalink settings on all sites.

Editing Posts and Pages is not possible in bulk, only one by one. However, if using the MainWP Boilerplate Extension, you can create Boilerplate Posts and Boilerplate Pages that can later be edited in bulk.

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