MainWP Dashboard 4.1 causing issues in WordPress admin

After the recent update to 4.1 I am having issues in my WordPress admin. The drop down menus on rollover for the left hand navigation don’t work and WP Reset doesn’t work at all, all I get is the grey/red wheel of death (on the left of the screenshot the red circle shows the mouse hovering over a button but there is no drop down menu). And some tabs and buttons on the settings pages for some of my plugins i.e. MainWP Child and UpdraftsPlus. With UpdraftsPlus I am unable to open any of the tabs (on the right of the screenshot the red circle shows the mouse clicking on the tab but it doesn’t work and the page remains on the Backup/Restore page). I have tried deactivating all plugins and it’s definitely the MainWP Dashboard plugin.

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Hi Jeremy. do you see any browser console error on that page?

Hi Bogdan, nope no browser console errors. Or do I need to look in the Inspect Element tool? If so where? Thanks

If you can send me temporary access to your MainWP Dashboard (via private message) I will be happy to take a look, would that be ok?

Problem solved by updating the Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension to

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Thanks for the very quick and efficient service, brilliant!!

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