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Hi! I’m new to this forum and I’ve just set up my main MainWP site. It’s on a subdomain and working as it should.

My question involves the security of the MainWP site itself. Normally I would set up a WP site with security features like iThemes Security, Two-factor login etc.

Since the MainWP site only serves as a platform to check other sites, what would you recommend I do/install to make the MainWP dashboard as save and secure as possible?

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Security for your dashboard is even more important, because it’s the key to all the child sites. So definitely use a security plugin (I prefer Wordfence, but choose what you think is best for you) and use this extension to lock down your dashboard even further:

As your dashboard site doesn’t have a frontend, I’ve redirected mine to my business site for normal visitors. And make sure that the rest of the account your dashboard is hosted on, is also well protected, because you don’t want that other sites on the account get hacked and infect your dashboard.

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Thanks for your clear answer, @josklever !

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