MainWP Loads ok, I Can see plugins etc, but I can't SYNC sites nor UPDATE plugins

Hey all

I have a problem that’s started only today. Everything has been working perfectly.

Now, when I go to my MainWP, I can see the sites, uptimes, all that. I can query and get a list of plugins.

I can’t:

  1. Sync child sites
  2. Update plugins

When I attempt this, the modal window that pops up just spins and spins and spins. No errors in any error logs. Nothing obvious to me. Everything seems ok

The only thing that has changed is that I updated my WHM/CPanel server, though I don’t think this could have changed anything.

Kind regards,


Hi David,

thanks for reaching MainWP.

Can you please check and see if the PHP version on your server got updated to v8?

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@murrinmedia If your server is running 7.x.x still you will want to check that MainWP > Settings . Global Options > Optimize for shared hosting or big networks is Turned ON.

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