MainWP not updating plugins (or anything) on child sites

About a month ago I started having problems where updates were not being run on child sites - when I chose a plugin to update it would just spin and never complete.

I checked the PHP log on the MainWP dashboard site and found some errors relating to the dashboard. I couldn’t pinpoint what was causing them but disabling some (active but unused) plugins resolved the issue. I haven’t yet figured out which plugin was conflicting.

Thought it was worth mentioning here in case it helps someone else in the future.

Hey @millionleaves

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

If you manage to find out which plugin was causing a conflict, please do share the information with the community.

Perhaps, you can activate one at a time, use the Dashboard as you normally would, and see if that particular plugin is causing any kind of issues.

As always, we highly recommend installing the MainWP Dashboard to a clean WordPress installation and not on one of your operating sites. This helps to eliminate any unnecessary plugin conflicts.

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