MainWP Notes Visible from Child Site

I wanna see if there can be a way to see notes from the child site side. It would be awesome to be able to create a note from the MainWP dashboard as you do now and have it show up in the WP Child site. And maybe even edit it there too. Basically, a way to centrally manage little notes about the install that I can see from inside the child site and then be able to update it while I’m there too.

I see this as a way to help remember little quirks about a particular site that maybe has an atypical workflow to it and to remind other admins that I don’t give access to my MainWP dashboard of what those quirks are. Might also be a way to remind a client of the same if they are a little more of an advanced user. That sort of thing… it could really have a ton of uses.

Make sense? If it doesn’t exist now, I think it should. This would be awesome.