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I’ve installed and activate both MainWP pro and client report extension, and these are not displaying the recently updated core, plugins or themes on the report I generated. These are loaded as zero, but the child site report section has data of recent plugin/themes updates. I don’t know how to check it further, so can someone help me out with this,

Also, how we could add the Sucuri site check data onto the MainWP Pro report plugin? This is available on Client Report plugin but this is too not working in my installation.

Please shed some light on this

NB: All are latest versions installed on a offline site currently but has connection to child sites fine and collecting update datas fine there.


Hi Fasal,

Thanks for reaching out.

For the start, can you please tell me when did you install the Child Reports plugin on your child sites?

That was installed just before the report check. However, the child report plugin has some updates/scan logged fine. Even though, it was not showing in MainWP dashboard report preview.

Does it require some time to get sync with MainWP dashboard? I have tried syncing the child site manually few times without any luck.

Please advise, :slight_smile:

Hi Fasal,

Thank you for getting back to me.

It’s a short period of time between installing the Child reports and trying to generate reports. There is probably just a few records in there, but if the date range is set correctly, these actions should be included in the report.

Can you please verify that that the report date-range includes dates after the plugin is installed?

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