MainWP Pro Reports 4.1 Planned Updates

During the last few months, we have been receiving multiple requests to allow users to customize reports in a more user-friendly manner.

After some planning and researching doability, we found that the best way to go is to integrate the WP Full Site Editing (Block Editor) to allow users to make custom Templates for reports.

The goal of this release is to simplify the report creation process while allowing users to design better-looking reports.

Template Management

The new Templates section in the Pro Reports allows users to manage templates. From this screen, users can overview existing templates, edit and create new ones. Clicking the New Template button in the right-hand section of the actions bar will trigger a modal where a new template can be built.

Create Template

The template creation process will fully rely on the WordPress Full site editing system, so users can create templates easily with drag & drop functionality, easily add content (text and images), and custom style reports.

Data tokens will be allowed in blocks.

Create Report

The new report section gets simplified. Since template design and the content will be fully managed in templates, Report Content & Design Customization section will be removed.

This section contained 4 subsections,

  • Report custom content
  • Report data
  • Personal branding
  • Custom colors

Since all these will be handled in a template, the section is no longer needed.


The extension is currently in production, but we don’t have exact ETA for now.


Congratulations! We look forward to this upgrade.


How will the report be “sent” to the client? Will it still generate a PDF? Will it send a link to our MainWP instance? Will it generate a HTML file?

I’m glad you’ll get rid of the custom built-in report generation mechanism. It was so limited and complicated…

I’d like to know more about it!!

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The extension will still generate a PDF files as the current version of the Pro Reports and attach to email.


I have managed to create a custom template in Pro Reports using php files and logging in to the server.

Will it be possible to edit this custom template in the new way, or at least if I continue to edit it that way, will it be compatible?

I’d rather not have to start from scratch.


Would it be possible down the road in the client report at the bottom to add a feedback section that asks the Client if they would like us to contact them for additional services with a checkbox; so for example Design Changes; Content Changes; SEO Work, marketing, etc. Thanks for your time and help. Tony

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This is fantastic news! <3 I can’t wait to use this!

This is the only thing that is really stopping us from using the Pro Reports at the moment.


Sounds great! Will there be some kind of announcement when this is released?

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Do you have an exact ETA?
It will be the perfect new year’s gift :slight_smile:
Also, you will include some prebuilt demos?

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I’m really excited about this as we have been debating which tool to use for client reports. I have wanted to use the feature in MainWP but haven’t yet, as it seemed too limited. I agree this would be an amazing New Years present as I was hoping to start sending automated client reports in the New Year!!

I also LOVE the idea of prebuilt demos. Or at least an option for export/import of them so we could share amongst ourselves too!


Also I think is a good idea to have the option to delete all the old send reports. Now all reports are automatically saved in folder wp-content/uploads/mainwp_pro_reports/attachments .
This will safe a lot of space.

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Hi @bogdan , will the new pro reports feature be able to utilise blocks sets such as GenerateBlocks Pro?

Dangerous to assume so I’m checking. Will we be able to add in content from Atarim, displaying completed and outstanding tasks for example?


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