MainWP side menu not scrolling when menus are expanded

Hi there,

I am on the latest MainWP - I am not that long with MainWP so I can’t tell if this small issue persisted in previous versions already.

The sidebar / menu is not scrollable it seems. When I am on a smaller screen (13 inch) and unfold one or two menus, you’ll notice the problem.

Someone else having the same issue?
Did this came up with the latest version or is it the same on older versions?

Just figured out this happened in the past already

I do have the Custom Dashboard extension to add my logo and automatically redirect to MainWP once logged in. But even when I disable this extension I see the same problem

Hey @markus998

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

Thanks for reporting this to us.

For the next release of the Dashboard, we’ll make sure that the WP Admin button doesn’t overlap the menu entries regardless of the window size.

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Thanks a lot … I thought already it’ll be probably a global visual bug. I don’t know about the development cycle as I am relatively new to MainWP - if it takes quite some time till the next update, are you able to share the code to fix it already in here once you know

You are most welcome.

We plan on a minor bugfix release soon, likely next week.
If this fix doesn’t make it into that release, I’ll share it with you in this thread as early as possible.

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For your information - I think something changed but this is still not fixed.

Still some overlapping happening here as you can see in the screenshot

Thanks for the update, Markus.

We will be publishing another small bugfix release next week, which will include a fix for this.

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