Make reports more visual

Is there any way to make the reports more attractive and visual for clients, rather than just text?
Nobody wants to look at pages of text…

Hey @Russ_Michaels

I assume you’ve tried out the three built-in templates and tried customizing them by adding a Logo and Header image and custom colors.

Outside of that, I’d suggest taking a look at our help document that covers creating custom report templates. However, heavier customization does require a bit of HTML/CSS know-how.

There are also third-party services, like Typemarker, that specializes in custom Pro Report templates.


logo and header image is just the front page. I am referring to the actual reports.
So I will give reports as an example, since that is what I use now.

mainwp reports are just text
managewp reports are using graphs/images to represent data

@Russ_Michaels while we don’t have a way to add charts other than through images you can add images to your reports easily by simply:

  1. Upload image to your server
  2. Add <img src="URL to your image" /> tag to report template

Also, I really appreciate you still using MainWP but your current Pro status combined with the competitor link dropping this thread just feels like a bit of a “strawman” situation.

I encourage you to keep using MainWP, if you want us to look into adding charts to the reports please post it on for votes, and hopefully, it gets enough votes and you decide to join us again.

Until then, I am happy to help you if you would like to open a ticket, but until then, I’m closing this thread.