Manage mainwp wp site itself?


It’s my first post here, so many thanks for this awesome plugin.

The question may sound a little bit stupid, but is there a way to integrate the WP site on which MainWP is installed to the list of child sites ?
Simply install the child plugin on it ?

I like the way it works, its look and presentation, and it would be nice to manage the site itself through mainWP.


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Hey @itopi

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

We recommend that MainWP Dashboard is installed on an otherwise empty WordPress site. That eliminates any possible plugin conflicts and makes your MainWP Dashboard even more secure.

And if there are any out-of-date components of that WordPress site (core, plugins, themes), you will be alerted by a red exclamation icon in the MainWP Dashboard.

However, if you want to install MainWP Dashboard on a client-facing WordPress website and manage Posts/Pages and other data, then you can simply install the MainWP Child plugin on it alongside the MainWP Dashboard plugin and add it as a Child Site to itself.

Ok, many thanks.
Yep, it’s a dedicated WP site without front-end purpose.

At one point there was an article suggesting adding your dashboard as a child of itself. I do that even though, like you, my dashboard is a dedicated install. This allows me to see and manage all of my sites in one place. There is an indicator in the upper right for updates on your dashboard, but I have always preferred to see all of my updates in one place.

FYI, I assume I am not the only one that may have some plugins on my dashboard install that overlap with my child sites (ie WP2FA, WPVivid, FluentSMTP) and I know some of the dashboard plugins require things like Yoast.

This is the article:

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