Manage pages from the MainWP dashboard do not liste pages for some sites


I have just realized I can manage pages on child sites via the Mainwp Dashboard. That is great. However, on some child sites the Manage Pages on the Mainwp Dashboard do not list any pages.

All plugins on child site and Dasboard are updated - and I have done several syncs.

Any suggestions?



Hi Chrilles,

Can you check if the number of max sites to return:

is less than the number of pages on your child site?

Thanks for responding Bogdan.

It is working now. It just needed a couple of hours.
And yes, it says 50 as illustrated. :slight_smile:

Hi Chrilles,

I am not sure why it didn’t work as expected at the beginning. I can only assume that it was just some glitch. It should work now properly.

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