Manage Plugins screen doesn't show versions (and styling issues)

After installing the beta version of the MainWP Child plugin on 244 sites, this failed on 11 sites. So I wanted to select those sites via Manage Plugins. I selected MainWP Child and toggled open the row with the plugin. Ths sites are shown, but they all show 4.2.6 as the version. In the old version I could select all sites having 1 version and use that to bulk install the plugin again. That doesn’t seem possible anymore (and will be missed!).

Also the styling is off again: light background and Active text doesn’t fit the button on smaller screens.

Update: this hasn’t changed after resetting the MainWP Theme in the Custom Dashboard Extension.

The Active button shrinks because of the ‘fluid’ class.

The colors look fine in Default theme, but not in Dark mode.

Thanks Jos,

It will be fixed.

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Hi Jos,

Styling issues are fixed and the Install to Selected Sites button is back.

However, I can’t duplicate the problem with version numbers.

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Sounds good! The version numbers are updated now, so probably after a sync. I was hoping it would have updated immediately after the installation.

Fix included in beta 2

This is not yet completely solved with beta 2.

If I check A the “Install to Selected Site(s)” option is shown, but if I want to select just a few sites via B, it’s not possible. It’s also impossible to only select all sites with a certain version in this case D and not C.

Can you duplicate this behavior with some other search results?
With MainWP Child plugin, the select box is always disabled by default. This was set for very long time like this to prevent users from deactivating and deleting the MainWP Child plugin.

With other plugins it’s indeed possible to select individual sites, but I can’t simply select all sites with a particular version. It’s not an issue when you want 3 of 10 sites, but if you want to select 30 of 100 it’s a bigger issue.

Hi @Jos,

My apologies for the delay in here.

In this new layout, there is no option to mass-select a plugin with a specific version number since the same plugin with different versions are not listed separately as in the old layout.

I will review this and note for the dev team to find another way to do this for one of the next updates.

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