Manage Sites Subpage

Hiya All,

I am trying to add a tab Manage Sites to have extra functionality for a new plugin I am writing.

I found the following code:

function managesites_subpage( $subPage ) {		

		$subPage[] = array(
			'title'                 => 'Example Extension',
			'slug'                     => 'ExampleExtension',
			'sitetab'             => true,
			'menu_hidden'     => true,
			'callback'             => array( 'MainWPExtension', 'renderPage' ),

		return $subPage;

Which works, but when I click on the tab it renders the page in a blank screen. Is it possible to render the whole MainWP header, footer and menu etc. And just load my page in the added tab?

Thanks for your feedback!

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