Manual updates on some themes

do you know how I could solve a problem.
I am not a developer.
I use two different premiun themes on hundreds of sites.
Most of the updates are done from main wp.
But some sites, I always have the problem to do them manually.
I am forced to put a default theme to see the updates to do in the back office of wordpress.
How can I solve this problem, I know it’s from the theme. it’s not a theme update problem.
It only does it on about 10 sites

Hey @Jean_David

Detecting updates for premium plugins and themes is a difficult problem to solve completely, as many of them use non-standard method of checking and delivering updates.

Please try following the steps outlined in this help document and see if that helps with the update detection: Premium Theme Updates Not Detected - MainWP Documentation

thank you for your feedback.
Main wp sees the updates but they don’t happen because they are not visible when the premium theme is active on wordpress.
The strangest thing is that on other identical premium themes, I don’t have this problem.
I use two premium themes which are multipurpose-wordpress-theme

It’s possible then, that a combination of that theme and another factor is causing this issue.

You can try checking if there is anything in common with those sites experiencing the problem.
​For example, do they have a plugin installed that other sites do not that might be causing a conflict?
Do they all have the same PHP version, which is different than the other site?
Are they all using the same hosting provider?

And next time that premium theme has an update, try temporarily disabling all other plugins on the child site and leave the premium active, and then see if the MainWP will see an available update.

No, I don’t have a plugin that could be the culprit. Most of them have all the same plugins and the same hosting. Some sites had no problem but after a theme update, the theme update no longer runs. Other updated themes are running. There is no logic.
Could this be solved with an error detection plugin?
I.e. when I try to do an update from main wp and it doesn’t run; could the plugin provide me with a report?
Does this exist?

MainWP doesn’t currently have this feature.
Please feel free to make the suggestion on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

Next time you have this exact situation on your hand, please do open a private Help Desk ticket so we can investigate further.

I know that the ticket is closed for this problem.
I had one last question. To contact the authors of premium themes, I have to buy a new license. Is there any developer who can solve this kind of problem between main wp and premium theme api? Or if I use wp debug, can I find out where the problem comes from in the theme?

I’ve had this same type of issue forever, mainly with the WPForms Pro plugin as I posted about a year ago at Not always detecting WPForms Pro updates and also with Mai themes engine plugin and GeneratePress theme.

Between myself and a colleague who also has a MainWP Pro license, together we manage over 300 WordPress sites, and last year I followed the steps at Premium Theme Updates Not Detected - MainWP Documentation and I use the Custom Dashboard Extension > PHP section to add this code to both of our MainWP:

add_filter( ‘mainwp_request_update_premium_plugins’, ‘myhook_mainwp_detect_premium_plugins_update’, 10 );
function myhook_mainwp_detect_premium_plugins_update( $premiums ) {
$premiums[] = ‘wpforms/wpforms.php’;
$premiums[] = ‘gp-premium/gp-premium.php’;
$premiums[] = ‘mai-engine/mai-engine.php’;
return $premiums;

add_filter( ‘mainwp_request_update_premium_themes’, ‘hook_mainwp_request_update_premium_themes’ );
function hook_mainwp_request_update_premium_themes( $premiums = array() ){
$premiums[] = ‘generatepress’;
return $premiums;

But still the problem persists and we have to log into each site and manually update. It’s not theme-specific either. For example - we use WPForms Pro on over 200 sites with a variety of themes ranging from basic Twenty Twentytwo to high-end themes like Kadence Pro, and it makes no difference - WPForms Pro has to be manually updated on all of them. It’s especially frustrating with that particular plugin because WPForms has very active development and they release frequent update (sometimes 2 per month) and we just can’t seem to find a solution. We just deal with it.

On the upside at least MainWP still helps us to know when the updates are available for WPForms and makes it easier for us to log into each site from our MainWP dashboard and update it. On the downside, for some reason MainWP doesn’t detect the Mai engine plugin updates, so we’ve had to start a list of sites that use it and remember to log in to those occasionally to check for them.

Still, MainWP makes life easier and is extremely useful in many ways. Definitely saves us time! It detects updates for almost everything, and automatically updates almost everything.

thank you for your message, I feel like I’ve been going through the same thing as you for a while.
I have many sites myself and I realize that finally, the dream of updating everything from main wp is just maybe not possible given the plugin operation and the unique configurations of each site. Even though most of my sites are 90 percent similar.
But yes, the advantage is to have a global vision on all the updates to do which are tedious. Unfortunately the more time goes by the more my number of sites to update manually increases. Sometimes I update a theme and the auto updates are not done anymore. Other times the updates are not done for no reason and it’s permanent.

A private ticket was also raised for this issue, so allow me to share some additional information with the community.

In short, the issue is that when a certain premium theme is active, an update for it is not visible in the WP Admin of the child site.

This issue was present even before @Jean_David started using MainWP, and deactivating the MainWP Child plugin doesn’t make a difference.

So since this appears to be a clear issue with the theme itself, we’ve instructed @Jean_David to try contacting the developer of the theme and have them investigate the issue.

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