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I have Matomo (on-premise) running on all child sites, and it is hooked up to MainWP. Data is pulling through to MainWP via the Matomo extension so all is working nicely.

However, when generating client reports no Matomo analytics data is pulling through to the report.

I am testing a one-time report with the date range set to 2nd March - 11th March. On the Matomo extension page data is showing for this date period.

On the Pro Reports page ‘Analytics’ is set to ‘Show’ under the ‘Report Data’ tab.

Any ideas what could be causing this issue?



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Hi @responsive

Only data from the Google Analytics extension is used in the “Analytics” section of the Pro Reports.

There is an open suggestion for Matomo data in Pro Reports, so please do give it a vote: Matomo stats in Pro Reports - MainWP

Thanks for coming back to me @bojan .

Ok, no worries. Currently if you have the Matomo extension installed ‘Analytics’ appears in the ‘Report data’ list in Pro Reports. With Matomo not being supported I would suggest removing ‘Analytics’ from the ‘Report data’ list to save confusion.

I will certainly give a vote for Matomo support.


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To add to this, while it is correct that Matomo data will not be inserted into the Analytics section of the Pro Reports by default, the Matomo data can be inserted into Custom Pro Reports templates via tokens.

Please find all available tokens on this page: Available Pro Reports Tokens - MainWP Documentation

And you can find detailed information on creating a custom report template on this page, including the usage of tokens, under the Create Custom Report Template headline: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

Thanks Bojan,

I have created a custom report template and added Matomo, WooCommerce and Wordfence data with tokens. Works like a charm!

Thank you so much for coming back to this!

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