Mixed content on a Wordpress site

I’m watching a Wordpress Security course on LInkedin Learning and they talk about Mixed Content. From what I take of it, this is a site that has both secured and unsecured content. The example they gave is your site runs through Https but some of the images on your site run through Http. They suggested a plugin called Really Simple SSL to make sure all content runs through Https instead.

My question though is, as a way to limit the number of plugins, does anyone know if Wordfence has this function as well? Isn’t there a way I an have Wordfence make sure all my images and other content go through Https instead of adding another plugin?

That’s not something for Wordfence. The best option is using a search and replace tool/plugin to replace all http://domain… links by https://domain… so you don’t need to keep a plugin that also slows down your site a bit.

Replacing tools are Better Search Replace (plugin) or Database Search and Replace Script in PHP | inter.connect (my choice, because it also works for sites you can’t access (yet)).

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