Mixed feelings about this topic

I see mixed reports about this topic. Some say it’s fine, others say it will cause problems. is there a way to see what’s correct and what’s not?

The topic involves securing the WordPress site. The idea is;

  1. Change the name of the login link from wp-adim to something else like “Letsgo” or something that would be harder to find.
  2. Change the prefix of the WordPress folders from WP_ to something else.

Again some people swear by this, and others say it’s bad to do. Is there any definitive answer either way or is it more personal preference (like the Android or iPhone debate)?

  1. I explained this already on Facebook. It’s not making your site more secure (maybe, 0.1% or so), but it can cause various issues. That’s why Wordfence doesn’t support it.
  2. Same issue. You can’t really hide the fact that you are using WordPress. Maybe some simple hacking scripts don’t work, but it doesn’t protect against targeted attacks. So you’ll stil need good security, that Wordfence already provides. And again it can cause issues, when plugins or so can’t handle a changed folder name.

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