Moving MainWP Dashboard Site & Server Specs

So I’ve currently got my MainWP Dashboard site sitting on a VPS (Vultr 8GB) with 49 other sites. When I run updates or bulk changes to the 200 sites in my dashboard it never makes it. I have to stop it and start it again a few times for everything. So in light of this, I’m considering moving the dashboard to its own server. Thoughts?

This is my System Report: mainwp-system-report

If I move the Dashboard anything I need to beware of? I would probably just clone the site using the tools in my control panel unless that is a red flag.

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Hi Greg, for managing 200 sites, I would recommend increasing the PHP Memory Limit and WP Memory Limit to 512M as minimum. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to increase PHP Max Execution Time and cURL Timeout to at least 600.

That should be it. This seams like the best way to handle the process.

Thank you. I’ve had a similar problem with only 40 sites. Will make some adjustments. I even have it on its own 1GB VPS. Hopefully this will help.

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Let us know how it goes.

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