Multiple random child sites disconnected and can't reconnect

I have multiple child sites that can no longer connect to the WPMain dashboard.

When I delete them and add them as new, the Test Connection works fine. I’ve checked all the steps in the link provided and no difference. Some are connected to Cloudflare, some are not. Some have WordFence, some don’t. The host’s cPanel isn’t blocking any IPs that I’m aware of (which would cause the Test Connection to fail anyway).

This is the error message I get:
MainWP Child plugin not detected or could not be reached! Ensure the MainWP Child plugin is installed and activated on the child site, and there are no security rules blocking requests. If you continue experiencing this issue, check the MainWP Community for help.
Click [here] to see response from the child site.

The message received I’ll try to add to a comment as it’s not letting me put it here.

Any ideas?

Here’s the response. I couldn’t paste the text, it kept giving me a 404 error:

Hi Chris,

can you paste the response code in here:

to render the HTML code so we can see it?

Added. It doesn’t show any result, but at least you can view the HTML response.

Hi Chris,

I made some research and found that the response code that you get comes from Cloudflare.

Can you try to pause the Cloudflare for the site temporarily and see if that helps?

So, I’m trying to add my site and getting the exact same message, but it’s not connected to Cloudflare. How do I pause Cloudflare in this case?

Hi Chris,

do you get the same error message or the same response from the child site (HTTP response)?
Do you use some security plugins on the site? Have you checked with your host support if there is the server firewall blocking requests from your dashboard IP address?

Two to three completely different hosts affected.
Have been running MainWP for pretty much 2+ years without trouble.
Some have Cloudflare, some don’t
Same message after deleting and re-adding to my dashboard no matter what.
About 5 of my 20 sites can’t re-connect.
Checked the host and nothing is being blocked (test connection works fine for all of them).

Hi Chris,

has any of the disconnected sites got moved from a different server recently?

Can you please post the exact error message that you get for each child site when you try to reconnect and response from the Test Connection feature?

Looks like they’re all working now. For whatever reason, the connection system wasn’t working for the past 2 days.

Great to hear that the problem is resolved.
It’s hard to know what caused the problem, but since there was no updates from our side, it has to be something server-related.

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