Multiple sites I have hosted on SiteGround can no longer connect

I manage multiple WP sites and the only sites that can’t connect are the ones hosted at SiteGround. Please help! Thanks.

Hey @weberkristi

Have these sites been connected before, or are you just trying to connect them now for the first time?

Do you have any SiteGround sites that you can add to the Dashboard?

And can you try temporarily disabling all security rules that might be present on the SiteGround hosting and see if that helps? Including firewalls, cloud proxies, etc.

Hi Bojan. Thanks for replying. I’ve had all of these sites in MainWP for several months now without any issues. However, I logged in today and of the 25 sites I manage, the only 15 sites I couldn’t connect with are the only ones hosted on SiteGround. I’ve disabled various plugins, including the iThemes Security plugin, and nothing has fixed it.

Thanks for the update.

Gotcha, all disconnected ones are hosted on SiteGround, but out of those that are connected, are any of them also on SiteGround?

And do you know if all disconnected sites belong to the same SG account?

If you have access to the SiteGround hosting settings, can you try disabling any security rules or CDN they might have enabled?

The other 10 sites that are working just fine are on other hosts, such as BlueHost, Hostgator, WPEngine, etc. I’ll login to SiteGround and see what can be done. Thanks!

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Hi Bojan. The folks at SiteGround unblocked my IP address and it’s all working now. Thanks for your time and input. Have a great weekend.

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You are most welcome. I’m glad it’s sorted out.

Have a great weekend as well.

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