Need some help with setting up different accounts in Google Analytic

Hi there again!

Ok, so I’m a little bit confused as how to connect my clients to Google Analytic for the Reports Pro.

  • I have the API connected to my gmail and I can process reports properly regarding my main website (which is my only property right now in Google Analytics)

  • From what I understand, the whole API thing is not necessary to do for each of my clients. Theorically, if I add my clients as different properties inside my Google Analytics account that would be sufficient for the “Google Analytic account property” inside the “Manage Sites” menu to detect them. That way I could easily just manage my sites inside mainWP and link them to the property I want. Am I right here?

  • Ok, considering what I just said is right, here’s the other doubt. Let’s say I have “CLIENT A”. Months ago, I already had created a gmail account for CLIENT A in order to create a google analytic account for his website. Is there a way for me to add a property in MY google analytic account that links directly to CLIENT A’s google analytic account without having to create a new one and deleting the old one? And so finally this way, mainWP would detect CLIENT A’s property and I could use it for Reports. Or is there any other way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, that is correct.

Unfortunatelly, I am not familiar with any way to link properties between accounts. So from my point of view, there are two options as you said:

  1. Connect the another GA account where the property is already created
  2. Remove the property from old GA account and create it in the GA account you have connected to your GA extension.

@eduardosans For question #2 you will need to have your client grant access to that GA Property for you. Once that’s done the Property will Show up under your account on your Google Analytics Dashboard & within MainWP Drop Down.

Hi there Bogdan, thank you for your insight. And Keith, I tried what you said but doesn’t work. Here’s why:

  • I followed the steps but when sharing access from my client’s GA PROPERTY it automatically creates a new ACCOUNT (and not a property) in my GA, meaning that yes, I get access to his data but no, mainWP doesn’t connect to it since it is not a property.
  • I tried different profiles (editor, reader, administrator) when sharing access in case it allowed me different options but no, it’s always creating a new account.
  • So then, from “property configuration” I tried to move the property to another account but here’s what happens: from the client GA PROPERTY I can move the property to another account within the client’s GA, but from my GA this option is not even available (basically I only have one button -to move the property to the bin-), so I’m stuck with this.

now questions:

  1. Can you try to replicate it from your end and check whether I’m missing something?
  2. Is there any other way around this? because the API thing is quite a fuss and not practical at all if I have to do it with each and every client
  3. How should I make this work for new clients then? should I create new client’s GA under my property and then share privileges with them I understand?

Hi Eduardo,

I haven’t tried this approach with sharing access with GA properties, but I hope that someone with more experience with GA will be able to help.

That’s it?

I’m quite disappointed. You built a tool that works strictly with GA and it feels like it should be your responsibility to provide solutions on how to connect both, or at least, have the will to try a different approach when one solution doesn’t feel optimal. So summing it up:

  • One of the solutions you provided is to connect it from the client’s GA and it just doesn’t work (it creates another account in my GA, not another property).
  • The other “solution” is to remove the client’s GA account and create a new one from my GA. So basically, erasing all the data and starting all over. That is unthinkable for something other than new websites.

If that’s so, have you thought of ways to connect your tool to GA but to detect properties in different accounts? (or at least give the option to do so) that way at least we wouldn’t have to go through the whole API thing for each existing client, which honestly, is very unfriendly user-wise.

Hi Eduardo -

The current GA integration does provide access to another customer’s analytics. The other customer should provide you with Admin access to their analytics account (I’ve found that to work the best for me - you may be able to get the info you need with lower levels of access). Once I’ve accepted access to the 3rd part Analytics account (from my own account) I return to my MainWP Dashboard Google Analytics setting page - and hit the Refresh Data button. Once this is done I do a Sync on the child site I’m adding to my Dashboard. Go to the main page of the Analytics extension - - and select the new site from the dropdown in the upper right of the page.

You may need to wait a bit for Analytics to update your access and permit you to read the data from the new child site. I did not need to authorize another API key or secret. The MainWP extension works well and pulls data from the child site’s analytics. It enables me to drop that data into my monthly reports. Google Analytics is sometimes tricky when accessing their data, but the MainWP extension does what it should do.

Hope this helps.


Hi there Matt! Thanks for your input!! ok, now after some trial I made it work… so the customer has to grand me access to their account (not to their property -which was what I was doing wrong-) and then I can manage to make it work. Ufff this is so unintuitive -and I have to blame GA here-.

So sorry to Bogdan and the rest of the staff if I sounded a little bit too harsh :).


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