Non-MainWP Changes - sorting and number of items

I love the new Non-MainWP Changes widget in 4.3, but it’s sorting alphabetically and not chronologically, so it’s hard to see what the most recent changes were, as it says to show.

Besides that I’ve seen changes on the 17th (and before), while only 18 and 19 are shown. It’s limited to 10 and the rest is purged or hidden. Pagination makes no sense then. With 246 sites there’s enough to show, at least more than 10 changes.

Thanks Jos; both issues are addressed in the working version.

Let me know if you want me to send you the copy.

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That’s up to you. I can test it and confirm if it’s working as expected. One concern could be, that the loading time will increase too much if the number of items gets too large.

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Since the data is loaded from the Dashboard database, loading time won’t be affected too much, but for just in case, there is a filter to the limit can be custom set.

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