Non WordPress URL links to be added

Being a new user to mainwp, we have implemented many of the extensions I was looking to see if it possible to add non-wordpress URLs. This can be social media page links or landing page links. Maybe not possible but it would assist with offering a more comprehensive and linked custom report

Hi @ding, thanks for submitting your feature request.

However, I am not 100% sure I follow it. Can you provide us more details? Where you would want to add non-WP URLs?

Thank you. As we are in the process of moving across from another platform we managed a mix or landing pages, wordpress sites and social pages. One of the features that we enjoyed is we were able to add and tag and report all URLs that we managed. We managed the solution of sites rather than purely wordpress URLs.

When we tried add similar with mainwp we are only able to add the wordpress site. What I was hoping to be able to do is add all URLs and then be able to report to the client the overall digital maintenance footprint for the client. It helps make the business sticky but also shows the overall interaction

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