[Not Bug] The bug tracker always disables itself

I really like taking screenshots and sending issues from the dashboard. But the bug tracker keeps deactivating itself and sometimes I am too lazy to activate it to use it.

Hi @phalance, it’s not actually a bug. It is designed to get disabled 24 hours after enabling it.

Might not be a bad idea to add an option or at least a filter so this can be controlled.

I will move this topic to the features area.

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Ah ok. Makes sense. Thanks for the update.

It automatically disables after 24 hours for privacy reasons, I’m not sure it’s something I would want to have being left on someones Dashboard all the time.

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Thanks, I think I can live with that. Maybe a little hint in the settings would be nice so others don’t confuse this with an error.

There is already a warning when you turn it on.