Notifications are out of hand

Continuing the discussion from MainWP Domain Monitor Notification for & .kr domains:

So here’s my notifications from MainWP for 2 days:

I can’t see the important emails through all the notifications I’m getting. It’s really out of hand.

I thought we had dealt with it, but because the domain monitor recognizes all of the domains as expired for Korea it’s still sending me notifications that they’re all expired. Then the lighthouse does not need to notify me of the results every single day.

How do we start reducing the emails that our system is putting out?

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Hey @intcultcom

The Lighthouse extension currently doesn’t have its own notification frequency setting and will follow the Daily Update Frequency setting in the MainWP Settings > General Settings page.

The Domain Monitor version 4.0.1 should be sending notifications based on its Automated domain checks frequency setting. Did updating to 4.0.1 not fix that issue for you?

As always, please feel free to make suggestions about notification emails or any other topic on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

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In the Lighthouse settings there is literally a frequency setting:

I’m assuming this frequency is only for the scan itself and not connected to the notification?

It’s odd because it seems like in the last week, Lighthouse is emailing me scans every day for all my sites, but it didn’t used to. I was about to write about this issue myself because it wasn’t previously the case. Now it emails all my sites every day.


Hi Bojan,

Yes, we’ve gone through this haven’t we? I did update and thought I had solved the problem but apparently the notifications go out daily for expired domains no matter what you do. Or domains that it perceives as expired I guess. So problem not solved.

And changing the daily update frequency won’t help me. I wanna get them once a week or once a month not daily - or 12 times a day.

So as we know there was already something about this in the feature requests for domain monitoring frequency. Give this a bump everyone!

just keep hoping that someone else keeps bumping it up. And hopefully you’ll address ALL the notification frequencies when you get to that one. We should all be trying to keep the “noise” out of our lives.

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Right? Thanks for sharing Zack!

The emails my site is sending me is quite excessive. Hope they can do something about it in future iterations.

Care to give us an upvote over here?

I’m sure if they deal with the notifications in one tool, then it’ll be easier for them to implement the same feature in other Extensions with notifications.

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At least the domains without a known expiry date (resulting in the timestamp “0” or date 1-1-1970 0:00 UTC (or something like that)) should be excluded from notifications. That’s not even a feature request but a bug fix.

And as many TLDs can’t be monitored yet, they should show N/A or something, not creating alerts as they are useless by definition. For me it was the reason to completely disable the Domain Monitor extension, because most of my domains are .nl or .be, which are still unsupported and with 230+ sites it would definitely be seen as spam.


Thank you all for your feedback.

We agree, and we consider this to be a bug that we plan to fix.

We will also investigate more into the Domain Monitor and Lighthouse extensions notifications not following the check frequency setting. And we will update this thread when we have information.


Thanks a lot!

I prefer each extension having its own unique settings for things like notification timing, since I may think some kinds of notifications are more important than others.


Just bumping this up here. Any updates @bojan ?

I’m really happy to hear that you and the team also view this as a bug and will be updating here when you have more information.

A little hint as to when we can expect a resolution on this one would be terrific!

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I just disabled the Lighthouse Notifications within SETTINGS > EMAIL SETTINGS > LIGHTHOUSE - manage and change to disable. No more emails for lighthouse. I don’t do anything with the LH reports anyway, and leave that up to clients to see if they want additional optimizations, in which case I can assist on a project basis.


We have made some changes with regard to Lighthouse notifications. The pre-release version is available at this link if you want to try it out:

The Domain Monitor is still being worked on.

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Hi Bojan,

Any idea when this is coming out of beta? Lighthouse notifications are still coming through way too often.


Hey @intcultcom

We are now in the testing phase of the latest beta version, which addresses the issue with notifications.
I’ll update this thread when I have more information on a release date.

Thank you for your patience.

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@zackw @intcultcom

You may follow our Beta Testing Phase & even pitch in with the testing if you would like too! If you have not already done so, feel free to test out the Beta versions. This will definitely help us gage if we hit the mark on any pain points that may be currently present. All current bugs / updates / fixes are listed as found and handled during this phase & within any release notes.

Hope this is helpful.

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