One Particular Site Doesn't Stay Connected

I’ve got a site in my dashboard that will connect, stay connected for a few hours up to maybe a day, then disconnects. I have reconnected it now three times…wondering if there is something I should be looking at.

EDIT: Let me also add that I deactivated the plugin, deleted the site from MainWP, reactivated the plugin and added it back into MainWP. Still disconnects after a short time.

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Can you run a quick test, right after you reconnect the site, try to sync it right away and see if the connection breaks right away? If yes, in most cases this happens when some 3rd party plugin creates conflict, so it might be good to try to deactivate all plugins on the child site except for the MainWP Child and see if that helps.

Also, please make sure that the system requirement are met on the child site. That means at least 256M for PHP memory limit and at least 128M for WordPress Memory Limit.

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OK, cool…so it disconnects right away. It did allow me to run an update on a theme, but when i did the re-sync it disconnected.

My PHP Memory Limit is 256M. My WordPress Memory Limit is 128M (I increased it and tested again, same result).

I’ll do a plugin conflict test, that will take much longer to do because this is a pretty busy site, so I need to get this into staging.

OK, here is a fun development…I created a cloned site, literally identical and on the same server. The staging site works just fine while the main site still disconnects.


That is really strange. Could it be some server-side security rule? Maybe it needs more time to trigger for the staging site. Not really sure. Do you have other site on that server? Do you use Cloudflare or any other cloud proxy for that child site?

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Yes, I have other sites on the server connected, all with the same security as well, 6G WAF. I use CloudFlare for DNS but not proxy.

Just so we can get it out of the equation, can you pause CF temporarily to see if that helps?

Well there is nothing to pause with CF, only DNS is there, not their proxy. So no orange cloud. And FWIW, every single one of the sites on my dashboard is running through CF, so it surely couldn’t be that.

Thanks for the update. Would you be able to send me a temporary access to your dashboard and the child site (via Private Message) so I can check what is going on?

Apparently, there are rules and I can’t send you a message. When I do I get this note here: Image 2020-02-06 at 4.56.20 PM

@graceatwork apologies that is limiter to help with new user spam, I updated your trust level can you please try again?

Well what you did didn’t work unfortunately…but I’m out of purgatory and can post another day. @bogdan, sending over those credentials via DM.

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