Only activate WP Child Plugin (not WP Core Updates)

I get the message “You haven’t set up your MainWP Child plugins for automatic updates yet, this is highly recommended!”

I would like to enable Automatic Updates for MainWP Child Plugin. But I don’t want to enable WP core updates. When I click “turn on” after the message, it automatically enables “WP Core advanced automatic updates” in the settings. But that includes WordPress Core updates, right?

Hi @wizible

Thanks for reporting this to us.

Enabling Automatic Updates for MainWP Child Plugin should not enable WP Core Automatic Updates.

It should mark MainWP Child Plugin as Trusted, and in the Dashboard settings, the option “Plugin advanced automatic updates” should be set to “Install Trusted Updates”.

The fix for this will be included in the next Dashboard release, but you can download the pre-release with this fix included from this link: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Ok, thank you. I have done the settings and waiting for the official release.

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