Open Connection Status widget automatically

When I login at my MainWP Dashboard I like to see the list of all connected websites open. But this list is always closed by default when I login.

So every time I have to go to the Connection Status widget and click “See All Sites”.

Of course, not a big deal, but it would be nice for me when this list is always open when I login in. So, is that possible?


Do you mean the widget on the Overview page? That filter should remember the last state. In my case I’ve set it to See All Disconnected, because that makes the most sense in my situation with 240 sites.


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Hello Jos,

Yes, that’s the widget that I mean. In my case, the last state is not remembered, it’s always closed when I login.

Maybe something to do with cookies?

I’m not sure, but @bogdan will probably be able to help you further.

Yes, it was about cookies. I set up my browser to clean all cookies after exit. When I keep cookies then the last state is remembered.


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