Option to select more Colors in the Pro Reports

More custom colors are needed for the pro reports.

For example my logo doesn’t look good on a dark background so a logo background specific color would have been helpful.

@eSIlverStrike Can you show a screen shot & or post the template code that you are using?

MainWP Pro Reports is designed to be edited and customized to your liking via custom template.php files as described in the BLUE BOX.

In order to put a white background on your logo you will need to copy & edit the template to add what you want.

Yup that is what I did I edited the custom template file and manually added a variable for the color. I would think this issue would be more common so I thought adding this color as an option for the report would be helpful .

// *** ESS CUSTOM *** 
$logo_background = "#B7D8D6";  
if ( ! empty( $logo_background ) ) {
	$logo_background = 'background:' . $logo_background . ';';

header {
	padding: 25px;
	!! php echo esc_html( $logo_background ); // *** ESS Custom *** !!
	text-align: right;

Note: I had to take the brackets around php away and replace with !! or I could not save this post.

@eSIlverStrike Our security doesn’t like php scripts.

I understand - We will see if people vote on it :slight_smile:

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