Order of plugins in Manage Plugin is wrong

Hi there,

Just a small bug, but still a bug:
When I search for a plugin in the “Manage Plugin” view, this is how MainWP sorts the plugin:

As you can see, version 3.8.12 comes before 3.8.2, which is not correct.

Hmm, I am not sure if this is a bug, 3.8.12 < 3.8.2

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But since it’s a version and not a decimal number, .12 is obviously newer than .2
So in this case .12 > .2

I see what you are saying ,it seems the Dashboard is not correctly reading the major, minor, build numbering system.

So in this case your:

Major: is 3
Minor: is 12


Major: is 3
Minor: is 2

in neither instance is the build addressed. @bogdan it’s something we’ll need to take a look at for the next version.

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I am making a note for the dev team to check this.

Just got confirmed that this problem is fixed and it will be included in the official 4.1 release.

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