Overriding Global Branding on Login Logo Only

Is it possible to overrides the global branding settings for the login logo only?

I have the branding extension installed. I like my global branding settings. But I’d like to put each clients logo over their login box on the login page. So I want to retain my global settings but just override the login logo with the login logo from the child setting.

Is this possible? I’m tried selecting to “Override general settings” in the child tab. But this overrides ALL of the global settings. Even the ones that I didn’t make any changes to in the child.

Thanks in advanced for the help. FYI. I have a technical background. So if it takes a hack to get it to work I’d still consider it.

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Hi Tino,

Thanks for reaching out.

At the moment, it’s not possible to overwrite just one option, however, you can copy your Global Settings to individual site settings and change just that one option value.

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Ok. Thanks for the response!

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