Pagespeed working at site level but sending email reports with 0/100 speed measurements

This started about 2 weeks ago when I opened the inbox that receives my MainWP email reports and saw 22 MainWP Page Speed emails all showing this in the body of the email -
Your child site [My Blog SIte]( page speed score is 0 / 100 (Desktop), 0 / 100 (Mobile).
This amounts to 22 out of the 102 sites I am monitoring with MainWp/PageSpeed (so not ALL are sending these emails)

I’ve checked the PageSpeed API and it is working/correct, I’ve gone to individual sites and requested a PageSpeed test and it DOES show that it is working and reporting page speeds when doing a manual recheck, ALTHOUGH when I first go to the Dashboard > Tools > PageSpeed screen on each site, it initially shows some warnings about the API being incorrect (error- The Google Pagespeed API Key you entered appears to be invalid. Please update your API key in the [Options])

Any ideas as to why it would send out these 0/100 page speed measurements?
Any ideas as to why it reports that there are errors in the API but yet when I do a manual recheck it completes the recheck with no problem?

It’s making me crazy…!

Hey @nolimit2it

The error message you receive about the API Key being invalid has to do with either the “Insights from Google PageSpeed” plugin or the actual API key.
You may want to contact the author of the plugin and ask for potential troubleshooting steps, and you can check your Google Cloud Dashboard and see if the API key is over the quota or experiencing any other issues.

If the “Insights from Google PageSpeed” manages to properly score a site, a synchronization on the MainWP Dashboard should collect that data and you should be able to verify it on the MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > PageSpeed page. These scores should then be included in the email reports.

If on the other hand, the “Insights from Google PageSpeed” fails to measure the child site, the MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > PageSpeed page and subsequently the email reports will show the score of 0 or some other outdated value.

I’ve checked within the Google API dashboard but it is not showing any errors or warnings although I find that screen terribly unhelpful and difficult to decipher.
It only started recently so, some update on either the plugin or the Google API must be triggering some error. I’ll continue to look into it.
Thank you for your insight!

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