Passing Client Report Content to another site


As part of my workflow, I would like my clients to be able to read their reports through an online portal instead of email. Since I intend to use that portal for many other services, it would be nice to have everything in one place. How do I see this working? Not sure but here are some ideas.

  1. Using a custom token for domain instead of email?
  2. Using REST API to send content to a Custom Post Type like “Report”?
  3. Using User ID ( to generate the post?

The question is: what is the best path for a clean solution? I intend to develop or get this developed to ensure seamless functionality.

I found a neat plugin called Distributor that allows anyone to share data across sites.

I tried to see if someone in the community has created anything resembling this but so far, I have not found much.

Thank you!

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From what I can see, it might be best to use MainWP REST API, but at this point, not everything is included in it, so the REST API functionality would need to be extended or simply create a custom extension that would pass data from your dashboard to the client portal.

Thanks for the reply @bogdan.

I thought I had it right. Sorry for the double post.

Here’s a question: how can I save the processed HTML content from a report to a Custom Post Type created locally on the dashboard site?

Technically, it should be doable by hooking a custom code into an action that fires before reports are sent. For example, mainwp_pro_reports_before_send action is available in the Pro Reports extension.

The custom code needs to handle CPT creation.

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