Personal Branding Images Show Up as Broken Images

In early May, pro reports worked perfectly for sending out reports.

Today, the reports were sent with “Image cannot be found” for the logo and image spots on the pro report’s modern template. The URL to these reports work directly. I tried hard coding the URL in a copy of the report. No love there either.

The error is “Image not found or type unknown”

Can you give us a screen shot of the issue at hand? Is this when you generate a PDF report or in the Email itself?

When I generate the PDF to download or Email. The logo and cover image both show up in the email body sent. Something with the DOMPDF library is not able to pull in the images.

Even the default images (i.e. not specifying images to use) show up with image not found.

I just tried hard coding image for the report’s php to another website URL (i.e. instead of and it worked. Now just gotta figure out why the site change security wise.

I know I installed iThemes just days ago and so that’s my next troubleshooting appraoched. I tried disabling it earlier and didn’t change anything. I’ll have to try removing it.

Hey Mary Jo - Sorry for the delayed response on this subject. If you are still having issues would you be able to open a Support - MainWP WordPress Management ticket so that I may help you try to fix this issue?