Personal salutation with Pro Report

Hello, I use Pro Reports and would like to address my customers personally.

“Dear Mr. XXX”
“Dear Ms XXX”

Doesn’t the salutation selection exist by default in mainWP? Then I guess I have to solve this via tokens.
I noticed that there are several places to add tokens.

  1. in the client settings
  2. in the child site settings
  3. in the Token settings of Pro Reports

Where exactly do I need to create the token?

I added it in the customer settings. However, I cannot use the token then in pro Reports.
In the site child settings, there are “Pro Reports Tokens” at the very bottom. These are all empty for me. I probably need to give the token a value there? It’s contradictory though, because [] doesn’t contain a value either, but I can use it in the report.

It’s all very contradictory and UX-wise a disaster at the moment.

What is the best and easiest solution? I also don’t want to maintain my customers in 3 places every time. I already know that I will forget settings in the future.

Hi @wizible

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

You can create a custom Client Field on the Dashboard > Clients > Client Fields page, and you use that token in the email message.

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