[Planned] Update Woocommerc DB from MainWP Dashboard

Hi, after updating WooCommerce sometimes its DB needs to be updated as well. Is it possible to get the info that the DB needs to be updated and/or add this update option as well?

Man, I would love to know this too. If not, this could be a major feature request.


I am sure this is possible to run using a bulk settings key.

You can try this bulk settings key which would run the database update that can be run from
WooCommerce > Status > Tools > Update database

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That’s only useful if you already know there is a database update needed. So you still have to check for it on the client first.

And maybe it’s just me, but sending a bunch of unreadable code to sites without knowing the consequences, is not something I like to do. That’s why I still haven’t used the Bulk Settings Manager. If something’s not right, you have no idea what the result might be.

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The bulk settings extension does show you the result. But yep the one in WooCommerce > Tools is more a force database upgrade. One example would be updating from WooCommerce 3.9.1 to 4.0 when it is released next month.

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Yep that would be a cool feature. If WP-CLI is available then run the WP-CLI command would be handy.

wp wc update

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