Plugin Installation fails

Hi there!

I am in need of some help regarding the installation of zip-plugins on my MainWP child websites.
When I try to install a new plugin via zip-upload on my websites via MainWP, it fails on EVERY single website. So at the end, there is no plugin installed on any of my websites. Unfortunately, I don’t see any error messages and nothing to look at in the error log.

I read in the forum that there might be some conflicts regarding iThemes Security. However, I haven’t installed nor activated on the desired websites. Instead I am using WebTotem and VirusDie on some of these website, but not on all.

I would really appreciate any help to solve this. Server configuration looks good except Curl which could be increased, but my current hosting provider does not allow that.

Thank you very much and stay safe!

Hi Leo,

thanks for reaching out.

I believe that this problem is caused by some security plugin or a custom security rule on your dashboard site, not child sites.

When installing a plugin by uploading a ZIP file, your dashboard will upload file to a temp location on the dashboard site, and child sites will send download request to your dashboard. So if there is some security rule that blocks download requests from your child sites, the process fails.

Can you please tell me do you have some security plugin on your dashboard site, or some security rule in .htaccess on your MainWP Dashboard?

Hi @bogdan,

thank you very much for your awesome support! I was now able to fix the issue by deactivating all the security plugins on my MainWP dashboard and by checking which one causes the conflict. Unfortunately, after activating all plugins again, it now works perfectly. So I don’t know what exactly caused the error, but it works now! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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