Plugin Updates - Download failed. Forbidden

I just updated MainWP Dashboard on my site and then I went to update some extensions (through MainWP) and it wasn’t working (no error reported). No changes to this site since I last updated some plugins except for the MainWP Dashboard update.

I then tried to update the Uptime extension from the WordPress Plugin Admin and it didn’t work and I got the following error

Download failed. Forbidden

I then went to the MainWP website and downloaded the extension and was able to update the extension by uploading the file first. I was trying to update

Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension to to 5.1.1

The other extension that wasn’t updating is MainWP Pro Reports Extension

I also had an extension on another site that needed updating. It updated through MainWP fine except the UI didn’t reflect the update once it completed untill I refreshed the page.

I think I remember seeing tokens mentioned in the Changelog for the recently updated MainWP Dashboard and am wondering if that is the issue.

Hi Tom,

Can you please try to do the following:

  1. Deactivate & reactivate the extension in issue on the WP > Plugins > Installed Plugins page
  2. After you get redirected back to the Extensions page activate the API license again
  3. Try to perform updates after this.

Let me know how it goes.

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Yup that worked. Was able to update the Reports Plugin through MainWP Dashboard. Why was this the issue?

Thanks for the fix BTW.

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