"Postman: wp_mail has been declared by another plugin or theme, so you won't be able to use Postman until the conflict is resolved."

Hi MainWP Team,

Did you reintroduce this error with 4.4 by any chance?

Because I’m getting exactly that error right now - and the invasive Post SMTP interface has a GIANT box displaying that I can’t “Dismiss”. Really annoying.


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Having the same issue with v4.4. @bogdan can you please check. Thank you.

Hi @intcultcom and @dcgavril

Thank you for reporting this. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue.

Can you please try deactivating both plugins and see if the issue is resolved for you after activating them?

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Hi @bojan ,

I deactivated and then reactivated but had the same problem.

Since that disconnected my Google email for transactional emails. Now the notification is gone.

Thanks for the help.

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