Posts showing the Last Modified date instead of Published date

How this came to my attention, we setup a Scheduled release of blog posts. On the 14th we schedule 6 posts to be released on 6 different websites on the 16th. Then on the 16th we looked on MainWP to make sure that the posts were Published. We could not find them on MainWP and thought that they were not published. Finally, we noticed on MainWP they were dated the 14th - the LAST MODIFIED date. We consider this a bug.

Hi @ronr1999

In the table on Posts > Manage Posts page, MainWP is using Last Modified value in the date column by design.

If you believe we should be using Published Date instead, or perhaps show both values in the table, please make a suggestion about that on our feedback site.

We’ve received your feedback, and we appreciate it.

In the next major release of MainWP, we will be looking to change how the Dates for Posts and Pages is displayed.
We will be either displaying it like WordPress does in the WP Admin or we will have two separate columns for Last Modified and Published.

Perfect! Thank you for your understanding. This will be so helpful!

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