Preference to have a more verbose update progress overview

I’d like to have an option to have a more detailed overview of the progress window on what is being updated, and if it was succesful or not with each item. If something failed, I’d like to see that instantly instead of just an overal X of the site in question.

Also for this to be helpful the progress window should not be closed after it’s done. This way we have a instant ‘log’ overview with preferably an option to directly login to the site in question.


+1 for @rhoekman proposal to have additional information on failed and most important that the window doesn’t close automatically…

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It is something that we are planning to do in one of the future updates.


We have a basic version of what I think you are looking for under MainWP Dashboard > Status > Actions Logs page turn Debug ON.

If I am correct on what you are looking for, it would just need to expand on that and move it to be more noticeable.


Exactly, the information is already there so this could be pulled into the update progress overview :slight_smile:

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